Jazz Monthly X package

Jazz Monthly X Package-Get No#1 best plan

Jazz Monthly X package is a brand new offer available for Jazz prepaid customers. It is designed for avid YouTube and TikTok users. Monthly X Jazz brings a Whopping 200 GB internet data bundle for social media browsing. This offer is an internet package that brings 200GB internet data for 100GB Tamasha, YouTube, TikTok, 3000 jazz to jazz call minutes, and 1000 Other Network Min for Jazz sim users. 

You can be availed prepaid monthly x for 1739 rupees including taxes, making it the best offer for internet users.  This is the ideal and optimal option for those who are an avid and heavy internet user. By subscribing to Jazz Monthly X, you can enjoy an internet bundle, not for a whole month, without breaking the bank. This internet package useful not only internet data but also on-net minutes, SMS, and of-net minutes. Moreover, the Jazz monthly x package brings free Rs.100,000 Handset Insurance for 30 days, which is the best deal considering the rise of street crime in Pakistan, especially in major cities like Islamabad and Lahore. 

Activation code for jazz monthly x 

To subscribe to the Jazz monthly x package, dial the code *7733# from your sim number. After dialling the code, you will receive a confirmation message within a minute about activating the offer. However, perks jazz minutes, SMS, other network minutes and 200 GB internet data will be posted in your account. You can use internet data for 24 hours without time limitation. Jazz monthly x offer is non-recursive; if you intend to avail of this offer more than once, dial the code again. Remember, subscribing to the Jazz monthly x package, you must keep 2000 rupees in your wallet. 

Jazz Weekly X pkg details

Price: Rs.1,739(incl. of tax)

On-net minutes: 3000

Of-net minutes: 1000 

Internet: 200GB (100GB Tamasha, YouTube, TikTok)

SMS: 3000

Validity: 30 Days

To check Status: *7733*2#

To check Info: *7733*3#

How to Subscribe: *7733#

How to Unsubscribe: *7733*4#

jazz Monthly x package

Terms and conditions 

  • To activate monthly x jazz, dial code *7733# from your smartphone.
  • Jazz Monthly x  is a non-recursive bundle. 
  • Multiple subscriptions are allowed in this bundle. 
  • Internet speed may vary depending on factors such as time of day, web page access, and distance from 2G/3G/4G network areas. 
  • All the minutes, SMS  and internet data will expire on the 30th day of the calendar. 
  • GB internet data will be consumed in 2G/3G/4G network areas. 
  • A call set fee is not applicable while using jazz monthly X Package. 
  • You can use minutes, SMS and internet data for 24 hours without time restriction. 

Review of jazz monthly x package 

I am an avid internet user and enjoy watching reels and dramas on YouTube. I really need a backup internet bundle that helps me maintain all my activities. In other words, the Jazz monthly x offer is a game-changer for me. 

This package is my backup; otherwise, I have a Wi-Fi facility and primary internet source. I am residing in a village where most of the time, Wi-Fi does not work. Either time of load shedding or jazz monthly x works best to provide me with high-quality internet for TikTok and YouTube. 

However, if you want a daily SMS bundle at the lowest price, Jazz SMS Packages is a fantastic deal. You can also check other Jazz device packages by visiting our website. 


 Dial the code *7733# from your smartphone. The offer is valid for an entire month(30 Days). 

 The charges to subscribe monthly x by jazz are 1739 rupees including taxes. But your account has at least 200o rupees to avoid inconvenience 

Jazz monthly x offer brings 200GB (100GB Tamasha, YouTube, TikTok),1000 Other Network Min,3000 Jazz Min & SMS, and Rs.100,000 Handset Insurance for a whole month.

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