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Best Jazz Devices Packages – Codes and Prices 2024

Jazz Devices Packages allow you to enjoy smooth internet connectivity  with lowest rates without stressing your pocket. Jazz monthly 3G and 4G devices packages are available in an extensive variety. 4G devices packages  especially designed for the fourth generation. Most of the 3G devices packages are replaced with jazz 4G devices pacakges. Jazz Devices packages are available with the subscription on a monthly, quarterly and biannual basis.dont wait and just use the offer with discounts and promotional offers like free ticket for watching movie by subscribing jazz devices packages.

If you are facing any difficulty for the subscription of the internet bundle you can visit the nearest  jazz customers services  centre to assist you in purchasing the internet bundle. Jazz is one of the best 4G internet service providers in pakistan. It maintains its top position to offer the best user experience in the regard of internet service providers. you can also check the details and updated information about jazz Monthly internet packages.

Jazz Devices Packages benefits

Jazz offers 4G wifi, jazz 4G super wingle, jazz home WiFi the mobilink company provides you best internet services. Cheap internet packages provide you the opportunity to join online meetings and join virtual study classes. 

Jazz devices packages are equiped battery capacity upto 2300 mAH.These devices are reliable for working long hours. you can enjoy fast dowloading due to the jast 4G fastest internet speed up to 150 Mbps. The plug and play function can ultimately bring convenience as you don’t need to install a device. All family members, approximately 12 users can enjoy internet connectivity at a time. To enjoy th devices packages you need to download jazz mobile application and complete the device setting 

In this article we are going to cover the all jazz device packages monthly unlimited that are given below: 

Jazz 3G / 4G Devices Packages

monthly internet basic package

Price: Rs 1500

Internet: 30 GB

Validity: 30 Days

To check Status:  *117*71*2#

How to Subscribe: *117*71#

How to Unsubscribe:*117*71*4#

jazz Monthly Internet Regular – Device Only

Price: Rs. 1740

Internet: 60 GB

Validity: 30 Days

To check Status: 117*73*2#

How to Subscribe: *117*73#

Unsubscribe: *117*73*4#

jazz Monthly Internet Mega – Device Only

Price: Rs. 1087

Internet: 110GB

Validity: 30 Days

To check Status: *117*36*2#

How to Subscribe:*117*36#

Unsubscribe: *117*36*4#

Monthly Internet Heavy – Device Only

Price: Rs2609

Internet: 180 GB

Validity: 30 Days

To check Status:  *117*74*2#

How to Subscribe:*117*74#


Jazz 3 Months Bundle – Device Only

Price: Rs. 5626

Internet: 65 GB free internet

Validity: 3 Months

To check Status: 117*73*2#

How to Subscribe: *117*73#

Unsubscribe: *117*73*4#

Jazz 6 Months Bundle – Device Only

Price: Rs. 12174

Internet: 100GB

Validity: 6 Months

To check Status: *117*18*2#

How to Subscribe: 117*16#

Unsubscribe: *117*16*4#


Jazz 4G WiFi and 4G wingle is a new initiative introduced by Mobilink for the ease of jazz customers to stay online.  These device packages are a new addition for the jazz customers. Devices packages are all monthly. You can subscribe again to the internet bundle after 30 days. jazz 3 month bundle and 6 months bundles are also availabe.  


You can subscribe jazz monthly basic internet device packages by dialling *117*71#. You can avail 30 GB free  internet data only in 1500 rupees including taxes for 30 days. 

For the subscription Jazz 3 Months Bundle – Device Only you have to dial *117*73# from your phonebook and get 60 GB free internet data in the amount of 5626 including taxes.

For checking jazz 4G device that is compatible you have to dial *443*7#.

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