Jazz World App as ‘Simosa’ – Explore New Features!

In recent times, jazz telecommunication network providers have revamped and changed the jazz world app as Simosa. The main point is that it added new features to the application to make the Jazz World App exciting for jazz users—the primary purpose of revamping this App is to make it user-friendly with minimal bugs. Revamping the Jazz World app rationale decision of the Jazz Telecom efforts is to fulfill the evolving needs of its users with the passage of time. I want to mention that jazz packages’ prices do not change with adding new features in the Jazz World App, revamped as a simosa.

Let’s dive into the discussion of what new features have been added to Simosa. 

 User-friendly interface

Jazz Company, the most popular service provider in Pakistan and worldwide, has changed the App interface to make it more fascinating and attractive to its customers.  Its color combination and navigation menu make it easy. As you can see in the below images that is mention:

Jazz Simosa

Teaching the Quran and prayer alert 

Revamped Jazz World App added new features like prayer notifications for different cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, etc. Along with prayer alteration, one of the exclusive things is that you can listen to pre-stream Quran lectures using the Simosa App. You can listen to Quant even when there is no internet connection.

 Load balance to other telecommunication networks

Jazz World App brings an opportunity for you to load your balance to ufone via using Jazz World. App. in time of emergency, you can  quickly load your balance or top up any family and close friends ufone number.  

other load

Other additional features 

Food recipe

food recipe

One other option is that users can see food recipes that are uploaded on the application every day.


Using the new revamped Jazz World App, check your horoscope details for the ongoing day, week, and month.


Weather forecast 

  • Using the Jazz Simosa App, you can check your region’s weather forecasts.


  • Another new jazz app feature is that new jokes are uploaded daily to Amuse the Jazz customers. 

Stock market 

  • Those interested in trading can get the latest information about the stock market using the Jazz App.


  • The Jazz Simosa App uploaded new games daily to entertain the users. 


Jazz World App was revamped as Simosa provides an exciting opportunity for users. 

Its user-friendly interface and addition of new features like games, prayer alerts, Quranic teaching, story telling, stock marketing, etc., make it exciting for the jazz customer. Jazz demonstration and rebranding itself prove that Mobilink’s main priority is satisfying customer intent. you need to explore internet packages and Onic sim packages in pakistan must visit our official website.  

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