Jazz 15 Day AIO Internet package

Jazz 15 Day AIO Internet Package | Best Prepaid Offer 2024

If you wish to find the best internet package for 15 days without burdening your pocket, then you can subscribe to the Jazz 15 day AIO offer. Jazz Internet Package 15 days provide you with 4G internet without stress and minimal charges. This offer is also known as 15-day AIO internet package.

As we know, Jazz is one of the best telecom operator that offer, economical and budget-friendly internet and call packages. By subscribing to the latest  Jazz 15 Day AIO offer, you can get an offer of 600 rupees. 

The Jazz 15 day package is the most economical as per the needs of users. 

In this era, due to the high inflation rate, people are in search of cheap internet packages. Jazz Company addresses the public demand and brings one of the amazing offers, which is called Jazz 15 Days All in One.

Jazz 15 Day AIO offer code and Price

Jazz 15 days internet package is for prepaid Jazz customers. Now you can enjoy 10 GB internet, 2500 on-net minutes, 2500 SMS and 250 other network minutes by activating the Jazz 15 day AIO offer. You can get this offer in 600 rupees by dialling *515#. 

Detail information on jazz 15 day AIO offer

Jazz 15 Day AIO offer

Price: Rs.600(Incl. Tax)

On-net minutes: 2500

Of-net minutes: 250

Internet: 10 GB

SMS: 2500SMS

Validity: 15 Days

To check Status: *515*2#

To check Info: *515*3#

How to Subscribe: *515#

How to Unsubscribe: *515*4#

jazz 15 day AIO offer

How to subscribe Jazz 15 Day AIO offer

To enjoy the 4G internet, the jazz 15 Days AIO offer is the optimal solution for Jazz users by dialling *515#. You can also use the Jazz World app to activate 15 day AIO internet package.

Here are the following steps to subscribe to Jazz 15 day AIO offer:

Open the Jazz World app from your phone

Click on the ‘packages’

Then click on the ‘hybrid packages’

Scroll down and find “15 day AIO offer”

Click on the subscription button

Now , You have activated the Jazz 15 day AIO offer

Terms and conditions

This offer is valid for the jazz prepaid customers 

Jazz 15 -day AIO plan will end at the 15th day of the calendar.

To subscribe to the 15 day AIO offer keep 600 rupees in your account.

For the activation of this offer, you need to dial *515# from your phonebook.

4G internet can be usable in 2G/3G/4G  network locations.

However, internet speed will be dependent upon different factors like device, SIM, time of the day , web page accessed and distance from the 2G/3G/4G sites, etc.

You can get 10 GB of internet data for social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also watch live streaming.

You can unsubscribe the jazz 15 day AIO offer by dialling *515*4#.

Final words on jazz 15 day AIO offer

Jazz always strives to provide you the best offers at the lowest rates. Jazz 15 day AIO offer is an astonishing plan to keep people connected to their loved ones without stressing their budget. Jazz’s 15-day AIO offer facilitates the customer by providing 2500 on-net minutes, 2500 SMS, 10 GB internet data, and 250 other network minutes. One of the additional benefits of this offer is that you can use the Internet 24/7  without time limitations. 


You can dial *515# to subscribe to this offer.

You can dial *515*2# to check the status.

Dail *515*4# code from your mobile to deactivate this offer

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