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Jazz Monthly Browser Offer- Internet Package | Best Deals

You have the best opportunity to avail 6GB of internet data using the Jazz monthly browser offer of just 500 rupees, including taxes. 6 GB of data is valid for one month from 2 AM to 2 PM.  You can subscribe to this offer by dialling *117*77# and enjoying your data package. 

As we are all aware, Jazz 4G provides fast internet speed all across Pakistan. Due to the higher inflation rate in Pakistan, Mobilink updated all their call packages and internet bundles.

Jazz monthly browser offer can be subscribed to and is usable in 2G, 3G, and 4G network areas. 

Those users who are residents of FATA and KPK will be charged a higher 16.67%.

Jazz monthly Browser offer: 6GB in 500 rupees

Mobilink launched one of the latest data packages, which includes 6GB of free internet data at the price of 500 rupees. 6 GB of data, divided into parts of 3GB of data (3000 MB), is usable for 24 hours without a time limit. The remaining 3GB of data (3000MB) is usable from 2 AM to 2 PM at the 30th day of the calendar. For the subscription, you have to dial *117*77# from your phonebook. After the activation of this offer the 6GB data will be added to your account. The expiration of the Jazz monthly browser is 30 days.

Details of Jazz Monthly Browser offer 

Jazz Monthly Browser offer

 Terms and conditions

This offer is valid for prepaid customers all around Pakistan 

A call setup fee is applicable 

You need to keep 575 rupees for the activation of this offer 

Jazz monthly browser offer is valid for 30 days. 

The price of this package is subject to change at any time

Subscriptions are not auto-renew generated. You need to subscribe again at the expiration of the package. 

Fata and KPK users are charged more taxes 

All the rights are reserved by Mobilink

Internet speed will depend upon the time of the day, web page accessed  and users distance from 2G/3G/4G  network areas

Services charge 5.98% and an operational fee of 5.98% is applied on the recharge of the offer

Final thoughts on jazz monthly browser offer

Jazz monthly browser offer is one of the latest internet data packages. It provides 6 GB of free internet for using social media apps and maintaining your online presence. Jazz always strives to provide different internet packages for their loyal customers at affordable rates. This package is valid for 30 days. The price of this package is 500 rupees, including taxes.

Stay online on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp from morning to midnight. This offer is budget-friendly and fulfil the needs of jazz customers according to demand. However, jazz provides fast 4G internet speed to make you live streaming acces hassle free and conventient.


Jazz brings the Jazz monthly browser offer to its customers. You can enjoy 6 GB of data for 30 days in just Rs. 500 (Inc. tax).

You can dial *117*77*2# for checking the remaining internet data 

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