Jazz Mahana Bachat offer

Best Jazz Mahana Bachat offer -Codes and Price 2024

Jazz Mahana bachat offer is a new deal for loyal jazz customers. 6GB of internet data will be transferred to your account that is usable for the whole month, 24 hours without time limitation. This package not only provides you with 6GB of internet data but also 300 free on-net minutes,1000 free SMS for all networks and 50 off-net free minutes for all the networks.

The price of jazz mahana bachat is 250 rupees, including taxes. Jazz always prioritises its reputation to provide the best jazz call packages and jazz internet packages to make the user’s life enjoyable. To avail Jazz Mahana bachat offer, dial the code *614# from your phonebook.

Jazz Mahana Bachat offer code and price

Jazz mahana bachat offer is designed for those customers who want minutes, SMS and internet all in one bundle. Then this offer gives you all that you need. you can get this amazing offer for internet conectiity only in 250 rupees plus taxes.

Jazz Mahana bachata offer code and price details are given below in the table:

Jazz Mahana Bachat offer

Price: Rs. 250(incl. of tax)

On-net minutes: 300

Of-net minutes: 50

Internet: 6GB

SMS: 1000

Validity: 30 Days

To check Status: *614*2#

To check Info: *614*3#

How to Subscribe:  *614#

How to Unsubscribe: *614*4#

Jazz Mahana Bachat offer

Terms and Conditions

You can enjoy the Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer for the whole month.

Auto subscription is not applicable in this offer.

If you want to enjoy this offer again, then you have to subscribe to it again.

The call set fee does not apply to any call made.

It would be best if you kept RS. 0.15 to make calls using this bundle.

Dialling *614# Jazz mahana bachat offer will be activated, and all the minutes, SMS, and GB data will be posted in your account.

All the benefits of the jazz mahana bachat offer will be usable for 24 hours without time restriction.

6GB of free internet data, 1000SMS, 300 on-net mintues and 50 other network minutes will expire 30 days from the calendar.

Free internet data is only usable for WhatsApp and IMO only.

Internet speed may vary in the 2G/3G/4G network areas.


Jazz mahana bachat offer is one of the astonsihin jazz offer for their loyal customers. everyone always try to find new offer that saves thier amount and provides a huge benefits. so in this regard Jazz Mahana bachat offer is pocket friendly and providing 6 GB internet with the fast internet speed conectivity without interuption. Given MBs and Mintues allows you to enjoy whatsapp video and audio call to keep the strong bond with your close family members with minimum buget.

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