jazz Free Facebook package

Jazz Free Facebook Package

With the Jazz free Facebook package, you can enjoy an online activity to save MBs and money for subscribing to any package. People who are active Facebook users and frequently scrolling Facebook for a whole day will benefit from the free Facebook offer by Jazz Company. One of the good news for the jazz customers is that the jazz telecom service provider brings an exciting offer which is called the jazz free Facebook package. 

Now you can use Facebook free without spending a single penny to stay connected with your family and friends without worrying about the end of internet data. 

Jazz cellular network provider brings Jazz free Facebook offer that provides you unlimited free Facebook data for one day without any charges. This offer is valid for 1 day with the charges of 0 RS. 

If you Jazz sim user you can enjoy free basic Facebook saving MBs and maintain an online presence via using Facebook. Using the Jazz free Facebook package you can easily switch between the free version and the data version with a single toggle button. Using the Jazz free Facebook package offer you are restricted to only using Facebook instead of other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube. 

Activation code for Facebook package jazz 

 To avail of the free daily Facebook package jazz, jazz customer never need to dial any code from their smartphones. To use a free Facebook offer you have to follow a very simple procedure to get the benefit of this offer. The mechanics of free daily Facebook is that users who are using Facebook just click the toggle to the free version of Facebook. Then started to enjoy free Facebook MBs without any charges. 

Price: RS 0

Facebook Data: Unlimited MBs for Facebook

Validity: 1 Day

Deactivation code for free Facebook packages jazz

As we discussed in the activation code of the Facebook package by Jazz Free there is no need to dial any code to activate the free Jazz Facebook. Same as there is no deactivation code for the Jazz Daily Facebook package. You can freely use Facebook for 24 hours without worrying about the ending of the internet data for Facebook. This offer provides you unlimited Facebook MBs for the validity of 1 day.  

Terms and conditions 

  • Free Facebook packages allow the jazz user to use Facebook without any cost of data. 
  • Using this offer you can switch between the free Facebook version and the data version with only one click. 
  • Using daily free Facebook offers no need to dial activation and deactivation code. 
  • This offer is valid for those who are jazz sim users. 
  • The free version does not allow you to access the photos and videos on Facebook.
  • Now jazz sim users can use free Facebook jazz for 30 days. 

Pros and cons Jazz free facebook package


  • You can enjoy jazz daily for free on Facebook with 0 rupees.
  • No need to dial any activation code just tap the single button. 
  • Unlimited data for Facebook with no worry about running MBs. 


  • While using free Facebook jazz only uses Facebook. 
  • Other social media apps are not allowed to scroll.  
  • Free Facebook only allows you to access contextual reads, likes, and comments.  

my review about Jazz free facebook package

Being an avid Facebook user jazz free Facebook package offer is a sigh of relief in a time of inflation. It is very helpful for me to stay online when my Data package is finished. Most often when my monthly internet package expires that time free Facebook package by Jazz acts as a lifesaver for me. At that time I was able to interact with Facebook friends through comments and likes and read textual posts without any cost.


No you cannot view photos, facebook reels and videos while using free facebook offer.

The price of jazz free FB package is 0 RS. 

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